True Love Waits- The story of Us

When I was in high school I decided to wear a purity ring called 
I knew that I wanted to make a decision to stay pure until marriage. I had faith that God would bring me someone who had the same moral values as myself. 
I wanted to let young girls know that it is possible to live a pure life until marriage. You do not have to fall to the idea that waiting is too hard. I say not waiting is too hard. I am so thankful for my decisions that saved me so much heart ache.

Freshmen year of college.
Ohio Christian University.
First day of classes. 

I walk into one of my first classes of the day. I sat down pulled out my pen, paper, and those sorts of things... I start to write my name and date... when it happened...

I am writing on the paper and out of the corner of my eye I see navy blue pinstriped converse. 

Now you see... I loved converse... and I just had to see what human being was attached to those converse...

I looked up... and there he was...
hoodie pulled up over his head and converse on. 

My kinda guy.

The next few months consisted of my ranting about how cute he was to all of my friends, and trying to catch a glimpse of him wherever I could. Even looking for the blonde spot on the back of his head during chapel. 

His name? Ryan Holbrook.

I even got my friend Tawnya to ask her boyfriend Andrew to become friends with him so that maybe he could get us together...

Turns out Ryan was pretty oblivious to everything happening. 

Andrew set it up so that us four could go to the movies. but... Ryan was still clueless. 

He definitely had no clue it was a double date. Lucky me :(

This went on for several months.

By this time, I had given up. This boy was seriously not interested. 

I decided it was time to move on. 


My birthday passed and Valentines Day came and went. 

A couple of days after Valentines Day Ryan decided to spark up some conversation. 

I was pretty excited. I was kinda lame when it came to him. :/
After many weeks of hanging out at his house with Ben Ballein... 
                  (wow I cant believe he made these faces)

He finally asked me to be his girlfriend. :) end of story? I wish. 

He was... lets just say... well... Still oblivious. 

I decided to end things... 

These are what we like to call The Dark Times 

The summer of 2007 we were officially done. I even dated someone else :(  

The next 6 months consisted of Ryan trying to prove to me why we should be together... and in the process, we became best friends.

Now, I can honestly say I really thought we would never get together again... really. 

Then... New years eve he came down to Cincinnati to spend it with me and my friends. 

and well... I saw that I could like him as more than a friend again. 

Now... Ryan had asked me out pretty much everyday for the past 3 months... but I just wasnt ready.

And, well... our romance story is a little less than glamourous. 

I was taking an evening science class... and I wanted Ryan to take it with me. And he said he would take the class with me if I were his girlfriend. So I said yes. (insert really lame fireworks here)

Then a week later Ryan dropped the class. 

But... we continued to date... and things were going pretty well.

And 3 years later... we are more in love than ever! :)

We don't have that story book romance kind of love. and we dont have a love that is perfect all of the time. but it is perfect for me! It is built off of respect for one another and a mutual love for God. We have made a decision to live a life for God and together pursue his will for our lives. 

We make a decision everyday to love one another through the good times and the bad.  
He is my BEST FRIEND and I cannot imagine my life without him! :)

Our story Isnt over... and I cant wait for forever!