F•R•I•E•N•D•S Chairs

Growing up I loved watching the tv show Friends with my older sisters or my mom. Watching the show, I would always stare at the chairs in Monica's apartment. In my opinion they were so "unMonica" because she liked everything to match and be in order, but I loved them anyways. She had all mismatched chairs in different colors and styles like seen below.

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted mismatched chairs. I started my collection last year and finally finished collecting about a month ago. I was so excited to get rid of these hideous fold up chairs! (Hallelujah chorus). 

 I couldn't wait to break out the spray paint and get started. 
My main hesitation was that 3 of the chairs needed to be reupholstered. (Apparently I never took before photos of those chairs, sorry.) Upholstery fabric is so expensive, so I wanted to take my time and look around. I even dug through clearance bins. Nothing. I found plenty of cute fabric, but I really wanted to keep this project as inexpensive as possible. 

I went to hobby lobby and found a nice, thicker, fabric. It's not as durable as upholstery, but I figure I would probably want to switch it up in the future any ways. And for only $8 a yard, I couldn't help myself. I only needed 1/2 a yard for each chair. I made sure to get some extra in one of the fabrics because I wanted to reupholster the piano bench and make a curtain for the kitchen door. 

I took the old upholstery off of the chairs. I went to wal-mart and bought six colors of Krylon spray paint. 
I originally bought a really pale green called Ivy Green instead of the light blue, but it did not cover good at all. I am now in love with the Blue Ocean Breeze colored chair. I took the chairs outside and got to painting. I should have thought ahead a little bit more, because I did not put anything under the chairs. I thought it would rain, or I would have to mow and then the spray paint would be gone. It's been over 2 weeks and my yard still looks like a twister mat. 

I reupholstered the chairs by simply wrapping the fabric around and using a staple gun. It was beyond easy. 

Now that the chairs were done, that busy rug was really clashing with the colored chairs and the awesome patterns of the fabric. I decided to switch it out for a more plain rug. I went to wal-mart and found a big brown squared textured rug. There was no price tag and I was worried because rugs of similar or even smaller sizes were upwards of $45 and I had just forked out money on the fabric and paints. I took it to the price checker and, voila, $20! I was so excited! 

  I brought the rug home, and put everything in place. My center piece was far too formal for the new/fresh/funky chairs. I am still working on creating the perfect center piece, but this will do for now. 

I finally have my mismatched chairs! This girl is one happy camper.

Oh and before I forget, here is the piano bench and curtain. 

 The dining room is a much more pleasant place to be! 



Richelle and I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and we saw a 50% off sale...
So we got a CRAZY idea.

Why not change all of the knobs on the cabinet doors in the kitchen?

So after a lot of different combinations we finally picked something pretty fantastic. Check out this knob action.

I love it! 

Also, Richelle got this frame for some pictures... and I was looking for a place to store it temporarily and happened upon this spot. And it was a very happy accident! This makes such a statement in the room and balances the black appliances. 

Now all I need is my light from Ikea! 


It's been a long time, glad to see your face!

Hello all! It has been what seems like a lifetime since I've updated. I promise to be better from now on!

Now that it is Spring, I am able to do a lot more home improvements! I will update you all on some home improvements!

Dining room before: green

Dining room After:

My sister, Teri, found some blue paint in one of her rentals. She thought I may like it, and well... I did!

Kitchen updates
Chalkboard Wall

Red Door

Laundry room before:

Laundry room progress:
 with the baskets
our Black Friday deal!

We still plan on painting the walls grey and the ceiling white and yellow striped! My wonderful dad is also going to come and move my washer and dryer to under the shelves! 

Outside updates!

Before: Bushes galore!

Unpainted posts... (This pic is really old!)

 Bushes GONE! And tons of glorious flowers to come!

Well, that's all the updates for now. Check back in soon!