Home Sweet Home!

So, yeah... I haven't written in a while. But, I was a little busy moving into my new house and getting my classroom ready! :)

Here are some pictures of my new house (better ones will come soon)

Living Room

 (I'm not 100% sold on the color, but Ryan is... compromise right?)

Kobe LOOOOOVES to look out the windows. (Sorry about the flood of natural light.)


 Once Again... Looking out the window

Dining Room
Progress... We cannot find the nuts and bolts to put it together... so in the meantime, this is my basically empty dining room.


(Sorry for no before pics... bad blogger! The bathroom before was a pale gray. The color of the ceiling.)
The shower curtain is a much more light and airy color than the picture shows. I painted the whole room cotton white first. Then, I measured off 12 inch stripes, taped them with painters tape, and painted away! Yeah, this is my favorite room! :)

Laundry Room
I eventually want to freshen this room up with a bright fun color, some more concealed storage solutions, and some decorations. 

So that's the inside of my house. I am thrilled to be a home owner! I will be adding some exterior pics soon once some of the construction is finished! :)

And now for some pics from move in day...

We COULD NOT get my queen sized box springs upstairs...

But... later on we got another queen sized box springs upstairs after about 40 minutes of maneuvering. :)

And... Ryan and I watching Clash of the Titans in 3D on our TV!

Yay for my house! :)

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  1. couple of things: i love the living room color and the stripes in the bathroom are soooo cute. Where did you get the small table and stools in the middle of the kitchen? love them! Hope you haven't been attacked by swooping bats lately! LOL!!