New roomies, garbage theif, free finds, and updates!

Being a home owner has been absolutely WONDERFUL! I wake up every day feeling so thankful and blessed to have such a great place! 

Richelle and her doggy Fio have moved in. My house is no longer quiet and lonely. Our rugs never stay in the same place! :)

Kobe and Fio LOOOOVE to look out the windows together...

And someone was breaking into our trash... I found out who it was......

Yeah... that was a piece of pizza.

I was going through our garage and I found this awesome mirror. It is solid wood and extremely heavy... so I have not hung it yet. (Ryan?)

Also, Ryan, Chad, and I were on our way to Ry's grandma's after church a couple of weeks back and we drove by a buffet table with a "Take me, FREE" sign on it. Ryan points and says "Hey, that looks like something you would like." Not knowing that I would actually like it and really want to stop and get it. So I yell. "TURN AROUND!" Which we did, then Ryan chose to drive right on by it again. I spent the next two hours trying to convince him why I NEEDED it and that we should totally go back and get it. He, however, still did not want to get it. After many convincing arguments, I finally got him to (reluctantly) agree.  We went to pick it up. I was in loooove! :) And once he saw it in its new home, he finally admitted that it is perfect! I think it may be antique, but what do I know... I just love it!

And Now, some updates on the house...

Living Room

New tile in front of the fireplace!

Huge new basket for blankets

Dining Room:
(Still in need of chairs)


Laundry Room

 Upstairs Landing

My Room 
(pics of Richelle's room to come)

Close up of my revamped side tables

Well... that is all for now.  We are working on the outside with some updates, planing on painting the dining room blue, and painting the laundry room. So excited about everything!

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