The Perfect Reading Chair

Once I found out that I was going to be teaching Kindergarten, I began my mad hunt for the PERFECT chair that I could use for circle time and reading books to the children.

I searched and searched at many different thrift stores around, but was very unsuccessful. I really feel like someone came in and cleaned out our local Volunteers of America... all they had were like 163 old entertainment centers... so if you're in the market...

On a trip back to Cincinnati, my mom and I found THE chair. Now, it looked like something straight out of That 70's Show (Which I am currently re-obsessed with for some reason thanks to Netflix on my phone).

The color is a little bit more light greenish in person. It reads a little more gold in these pictures.

It was definately interesting trying to fit this huge chair and my huge dog crate to travel back to the Round Town. I had some doubters *cough, DAD, cough* But they totally fit. Sure I couldnt really see out the back window... but they both fit! :)

I really didnt like that old dirty looking wood color. So right away I got some primer and white paint to sort of polish up the look of the chair. I felt like the white paint would make the chair seem breezy like it could belong in a beach house.

I sanded the wood down to give the paint a better surface to grab on to.

The upholstered part was impossible to remove without destroying it, so I just taped it off.

Then I primed the entire chair. This took FOREVER because the wood color was so dark I knew I needed to really lay on the paint.

The wicker/lattice work on the arm rests were exceptionally diffucult to paint. And I'm pretty sure there was a heat advisory outside while I painted these. But I was impatient and really wanted to see the finished product.

Once the primer was dry (overnight) I finished the chair with a white semi-gloss paint.

Best part about the chair? It only cost me $7.50!!! All of the paints I already had on hand! Sort of awesome if you ask me!

I finished the look with this very awesome close-out $5 pillow. I feel like this pillow and chair are soul mates.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the finished product! This chair is so comfortable and I can totally see myself sitting in class reading stories to all of my little inquiring minds. :)

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