Grown Up Things & Spreading My Wings

This is the first of many blog adventures... 
Well... 5 years ago I went to college... I blinked then it was over. :(
Lucky me I got a job right out of school as a Kindergarten teacher! woot woot!

I looked at an apartment to rent...
(It's the one on the right)

But... the boyfriend talked to his dad and said I was looking at places to rent... and soo the real story here begins.

Ryan called me at work and told me that he and his dad discussed the fact that it would be better for me to consider buying a house since rent is almost just the the same as a mortgage. 


This thought was sort of terrifying! But as someone who LOVES to decorate and do DIY projects... I was totally on board!

That very night we went driving around the good old Round Town of Circleville and looked at houses for sale. 

There was one in particular that I had seen on the computer and I was getting anxious to see it... however it was the last one on our list. 

After driving by several houses it was finally time to go see the house I was super excited about... You see... I LOVE TO COOK! and this house had a beautiful kitchen (from what I had seen in the pictures).

We pulled up and saw the cutest little house. I instantly got butterflies... I was IN LOVE! That heart fluttering, stomach turning, I wanna make plans with this house kinda love.

We went back to Ryan's house and told his dad we think we may have found a prospect. 
We went back to the house and knocked on the door [no answer] so Ryan's dad [Mike] and his brother [Chad] figured no one was living there and they wanted to walk around the house. Ryan and I stayed in the car with our doggy [Kobe]. 

The guys came back around to the front of the house... On their backyard adventure they opened the gate only to have a few massive guard dogs [actually they were just little boston terriers] swarm the entrance. The owner heard and thought two men were intruding her property... Mike and Chad came back around the front and waved Ryan and I up to the porch. 

The owner came out of the house, and (to my surprise) I knew her! This house belonged to April and CJ Miller... Who I know from Ohio Christian University. She welcomed us into the living room and gave us some information. The next Monday we look a full tour with the real estate lady and BOOM just like that, we were sold on the house! 

Within the next couple of weeks everything just fell into place. 

And... now... I close on the house July 12th!!!!!!! Soooo crazy!

One of my best friend's [Brandon Ritchey] girlfriend [Richelle McCullough] is going to move into the spare bedroom! Could not be MORE excited! and she is bring her little puppy Fio... Kobe will have a friend! She will love little Fio!

Well... anyways... I will be letting you follow my house owning/teaching/growing up adventures... hope you enjoy! :)

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