Rooster table Revamp

My sister had a few things in her basement that had been given to her and she asked me to come raid and take away anything I could use. 

and of course... I jumped right on that!

Took a lamp, a couple of vases, some ebony monkeys from Africa, a karaoke machine, a little round table, and the most exciting things I took were these two little tables (I plan to use as night stands).

The only thing is that they had rooster tiles on them. (Puzzling)

Now... I really enjoy birds as artwork... but this just wasn't my cup o' tea.

yeah... so I decided to see if the tiles would paint... and these were the results:

Peeling! OH NO! :(

So... I decided to bust out the tile... 
I thought it would be a simple 2 hr project... but
this turned into an all day project.

So I brought in reinforcements.

 Ryan's mom Charla

Ryan's dad

(I had to do some more work to the end tables)

Kobe Helped!

Once all the tiles were busted out (and I had exhausted all of my energy), I spray painted the insets black.

I let them sit over night (really no need to, I was just tired).

Then I painted them!

I LOVE THEM... this cool dark turquoise color will go great with my plan of yellow walls and black and white bedding! It's going to be amazing!

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