Table Painting. Worn Out to Worn In.

Went thrifting the other day at Volunteers of America [one of my favorite thrift stores in Circleville]. I purchased 2 wooden square side tables/coffee tables. They were.... Less than attractive.

Let the sanding begin!
I sanded them down completely to take off the glossy finish. 

Then I primed them with a white spray primer and let completely dry.

I picked a periwinkle-ish color for the tables. The paint name was actually called Jessica's Eyes.
I used a small paint roller and painted the entire table cutting in on the edges with a small paint brush. 

Once it was dry, I distressed the edges using sand paper. I took a sharp piece of metal and made some scratch marks on the table to make it seem like it had some wear. 

The finished product looked like this:

This is the before and after

I cannot wait to put them in my living room!

They will look good next to the color I'm going to paint my living room... Here is a pic of the color I am painting. This is taken from Young House Love

Gonna look sooooo good! :)

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